Saturday, October 31, 2015

Why John is bored at work?

John and Steve have been friends for more than a decade now. They were room partners for some time and share a good camaraderie.
John was talking to Steve over phone causally and the topic of what's happening at work came to the forefront. John took a deep breath and said he was damn bored with the work. The routine of waking up, getting ready for office has become a Himalayan task. John didn't know what to do. Steve was often the punching bag for  John to crib. 

The doctors Analogy
Steve calmly heard everything John has to say and said "Dost! routine is boring, but we have a family to feed. So continue doing it". He said look at doctors, they do the same work, for years, but they are not bored. They do it with the same energy and dedication.

This analogy did make John think, but still he was not an easy chap to please. He was not fully convinced by it. But it did give a new direction to his thinking. John is now focused on finding out why is he bored?

John at the hospital
He happened to visit a hospital a few days back and he got a chance to observe the doctors. He got a chance to pay attention to the doctors, the nurses, the support staff doing the same stuff for years. Steve's words were resonating in John's ears. Steve was bang on! Doctors do the same work day in day out of checking patients, prescribing medicines, recommending reports, diagnosing based on reports. But there is a purpose in what they are doing. The purpose is to cure the patient. To bring him to the normal life. To make him get back to work. John thinks he had got the answer to his questions. What keeps doctors to the same stuff for ages is the purpose.

John thought he too will start enjoying the work if there was a purpose. In his case, often the work is purposeless. The only purpose he serves is to please the boss and often he fails in doing so. He misses a larger purpose associated with the work he does and so he feels bored about the work.

What you guys say? Do you agree with John? Send your advice to John through comments

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

You want consumers but no contradictory

The growth of a company is dependent on its consumer base. The bigger it is, the better it is for the business. Typically for most of the companies the consumer is the middle class, the working class. And this people are dependent on their jobs for money.

Ironically, every company is trying to reduce its workforce in the name of efficiency. The workforce of the company is the same middle class, the working class that is their customer too.

Consumer = Working Class
Working class= Employees

More Customers but less employees
More customers but less employees

So if you look at the equations, companies want the working class to spend more but they do not want to employ them. Isnt it contradictory? If the working class is not working, how will they spend. For them to be the consumer they need steady jobs, regular income.

Worth pondering share your thoughts on this topic...

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Social media site pays members with cryptocurrency for using the platform

via Springwise

App connects users with charities based on the news they read

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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Quiz and Innovation. Connecting the dots

Is there anybody who doesn’t know the word Innovation? Who doesn’t talk about Innovation? People say we have to be Innovative, but I ask what it takes to be Innovative? When do you call a company or a person Innovative?
In simple words, Innovation is the process of creating effective solutions, processes and products that improve business. Being Innovative also means adapting to the even changing business environment.
New technology, new regulations and policies, environmental changes, shareholder expectations, financial market pulse are some of the key factors that keep the business environment dynamic.
The variables that define the business environment are like dots on a canvas. And Innovation is the portrait that you make connecting the dots.
So when you wish your workforce to be Innovative, you have to give them a  canvas with enough dots.
But everybody has their own perspective and so can make their own personas looking at the dots. Hence along with the canvas with the dots, we have to give them the starting point too. The starting point will sync everybody's focus.
The common approach is to write long emails, held webinars. People are bored of this.

An Innovative approach for Innovation fostering is to use the power of quiz. 

The aim of this Quiz will not be to check knowledge but to send  triggers in people's mind

Why Quiz?

how quiz helps to connect dotsPeople tend to remember things when it is said in a context. During the context, people are paying their full attention to the topic being discussed. The questions that are generic enough; that are strong enough, so that people to go back and read the answers, sets the context. Now people have seen the dots of the canvas and the starting point. It just a matter of time before they complete the canvas. Experts state the following are key benefits of quizzes
  • Quizzes improve or expanding one’s knowledge of things, either general or in specific area
  • Quizzes are designed to promote, a fun way to study and in the process help improve one’s general knowledge
  • Quiz competitions enable students to think from different angles or simply ‘to think out of the box’
Research shows that the students who had taken the practice quizzes performed better than those who just studied; their scores were three times higher.
So I say, to foster Innovation, be innovative in your approach. Go Quizzing guys...
Eager to know your ideas about this benefits of quizzing. Feel free to use the comments section for sharing your views

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Power of simplicity : Whatsapp is not IM, it’s a CRM

Whatsapp as CRM

My wife runs a small garment business from home. Every week a new parcel lands in my home. The supplier is 800 km away from my place and he doesn't have a website to look at.So out of curiosity, I asked how does she select the designs and order them. Her answer laid the foundation of this post. Shrugging her shoulders, she answered me in one word "Whatsapp".

The supplier Whatsapp’s her the pictures of the latest designs. She confirms her selection through Whatsapp and bang, in a couple of days, the fashion is in my home.

For me, Whatsapp was an IM until I heard this. It was an app for time pass. To share jokes and funny pics, that’s it. Nothing more than that.

Intrigued by this, I spend some time finding cases of Whatsapp being more than IM. And I found many other fascinating stories.

I recently tied up with a financial the first meeting, he talked everything and also if I use Whatsapp. Now he sends me market updates, performance reports and tips using Whatsapp

Recently we had used Whatsapp for event management spanned across different locations. The organizers of the event had to start the event at the same time. To ensure security, we password protected the event details. The challenge was to send the password to everybody at the same time.The event was being held outdoors and so email was out of the question. And SMS has no delivery guarantee.Whatsapp came to rescue again.

Sadly, but Whatsapp has been used to starts riots too.

These are all applications derived by the users. They are not publicized by Whatsapp. 

The power of Simplicity

The intriguing question is what makes Whatsapp adapt so easily to the needs of it users. A tool which is not at all serious thing for me is a business driver for another person. Whatsapp is nothing more than a message sharing tool and that’s it. It doesn’t have any complex features. And this simplicity of Whatsapp makes it so easily adaptable. This interaction forces us to think about the power of simplicity.

Simple here is not plain, boring and timid. Rather simple here is empowering, enabling. It is simple for the user to leverage it and not necessarily simple to develop it. 

A simple product or service lets users derive their own applications and usage. The simplicity of the product allows the users to become innovators. They define their own use cases. Technically, it is crowd-sourcing of features/services. 

And this makes it more powerful and difficult to beat kind of a beast.

For SME, their only priority is growing the business. They don't care about the tool or the core purpose of the tool. If it helps them in their business, great. They will embrace it.

Because people are inventing the usage, it is difficult for users to move them away from the platform and that makes it challenging for competition to break through. . A team in a corporate office cannot match the collective ideas generated by millions of users.

The stats about Whatsapp usage resonate the power of simplicity very well..

Whatsapp has 700 million active users, it handles 30 bn message/day compared to 20bs SMS/day served by all telcos put together.

Have you used Whatsapp for more than IM? Please share your story. Do you agree that simplicity is the most powerful thing? Use comments section to voice your opinion.

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