To fight fake news, leverage what is spreading it - The Crowd

The issue of fake news is the unwelcomed side-effect of Social Media and Connected World... 
The fake news issue is impacting elections and thus Democracy - the very fabric of modern society. The fake news issue is used to spread hatred, misguide people, and to cheat people. 
The power that spreads fake news is  - Us, we the people, the crowd, the masses. 
So why can't we design a solution that allows the crowd to stop the spread of fake news? In this post, I propose a solution to fight fake news using Crowdsourcing. 
The power of Crowdsourcing
The power of crowdsourcing is everywhere to see. In the modern digital world, we are the content creator and consumers. 
We have Wikipedia because people volunteered to add articles. We have open-source software because people volunteered to release it on platforms like Github. 
The businesses are using crowdsourcing to solve some of the most intriguing challenges through crowdsourcing platforms like Innocentive. Some of the most innovative start-…

Covid-19 thoughts - Creating a Family fund similar to PM Cares fund

The Covid-19 imposed times are challenging for all of us.Some of us are infected, some of us have lost dear ones, some of us have suffered setback in business, some of us have been laid off, some of us are mentally impacted by the lock down. 
In short, this Covid-19 event has impactedevery person on this planet directly or indirectly. And probably, this is happening for the first time in history.In such testing times, to survive, having a strong emotional and financial support system is very critical.And the emotional wellness and financial wellness are connected to each other to some extent. 
For the middle class and lower middle class folks like us, not having money to pay bills is one of the key reasons for stress and anxiety. And the fear of losing jobs and business is adding to this anxiety. There is a possibility that some of us are in need of some financial help. For some, it could be easy to go and talk to friends and family, but for some it might not be. The reasons for could m…

Leadership is decision making. Here are 2 simple frameworks to make better decisions

We all are making decisions all the time and we want to make better decisions or right decisions. Every decision has an associated outcome. If the outcome aligns to our expectations, we say the decision was right. Else we say the decision making could have been better.
Being in Leadership position is all about decision-making.
Being an Entrepreneur, I am making decisions all the time. I was making decisions earlier also, but the number of decisions I am making now are much more. And the impact of those decisions has increased a lot now.
And so I was looking for simple yet effective tools to make better decisions.
In fact, I made some not so good decisions and that forced me to look for tools. In this post I am sharing 2 tools that have worked for me.
The process of Decision Making
Any decision making involves 2 steps 1. Understanding the present state