Monday, April 11, 2011

Why Blog? Because I look at rear mirror only if needed

Yes of course, I was always inclined towards writing and Blogging was a platform that can support my inclination. But to be honest, it was the option earning a few extra $$$ that gave the boost to the inclination 
I already had. I have applied for Google Adsense (The Google Product which posts ads on your site and you earn money out of it) but it has been rejected. Obviously, I tried the tricks and tips available out there on the Internet to improve the traffic on my blog. But the day when I will have ads and those extra mullah is yet to come. I asked myself. What am I doing this? Earning extra money doesn’t seem that easy, so is there a real need to continue blogging? Do I need to handle the people making fun of me? In a nutshell, Why Blog?

I got my grey matter to work on this question and it can up with an answer. The answer was "Yes" .
Yes to Blogging, Posting, taking in stride the jokes. The reasons for this Yes are quite interesting.
Firstly, I don’t have ads today no ways means I wont have them ever. It’s just a matter of time before I will have ads on my blog.
The second and more stronger reason to continue what I am doing is for the Intangible benefits it has.
For every post, I need an Idea, a thought and to give birth to the ideas, I have to constantly think, be a keen observer, question my beliefs, test and improve my skills. By doing this, I am getting my grey matter to do what its supposed to do, getting my creative juices flow. To summarize I am getting fitter with each post to survive,
I had read somewhere sometime back an interesting quote which is the inspiration for this post.

The quote was "Thinking of money in everything you do is like looking only at the rear mirror while driving".
Being on a long journey, that too when you have driving on your own and focusing only on the rear mirror is suicidal, its fatal. What say?

P.S : My Adsense was not accepted till this post was written. Though I have ads on my blog now

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