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So after defining the importance of having a library in my last post, I wanted to come up with ideas to help you and of course my self to get the Library loaded up in a cost effective way. This post is aimed to serve that purpose. I will be covering the 3 best places that I use to purchase books and fill all the shelves of my Library cupboard.

To keep the post crisp and relevant, I am will concentrate only on the places where you have to shell out money to buy books. The free books avenue will be considered in the later posts.

Compare Book Prices

These days the best place to purchase a book is Internet. Its flooded with hell number of sites that are offering huge discount.

The perfect way to ensure that you get the best deal is to compare the book prices across stores. This fabulous site called just does this. This is probably the best place to go for loading up your library. Its an awesome web service that compares the price of the title you plan to purchase across the websites so that you get the best at the best price. The following screen capture is aimed to give you a feel of the service.




                      The Most known Destination for books in India is of course,

                      I know friends who are diehard fans of Flipkart for its speed of Delivery and the collection. Get your hands dirty and give it a shot using the Search bar featuring below...




                      The next place where I personally do a lot of shopping for books is I have bought books from this site at around 30% discount most of the time. The delivery is prompt. The packaging is good. You also get Loyalty points for your purchases that can be redeemed for anything on the site.

                      Last but not least, is known for the huge collection of books and the great prices.

                      In the next post, I will write about the Internet based Library Management services that are must use to manage your collection and also to add a social touch to your library… The best to keep posted about latest on SidsAvenue is to subscribe to the RSS feed, click here to do so.

                      So what are you waiting for…Make the use of these services and yes do let me know your experience. Also share your favorites destinations to purchase books. The comments section is handed Over to You.

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