Innovation makes Communication Effective…

The last post  concentrated on emphasizing on and thus stops a Leader from being a Effective Leader. This post is extension to it. I present another practical example to showcase the impact of Effective communication technique on overall business. The business under consideration is the competitive TV channels paradigm. The technique used is pretty simple and straight but for sure innovative and so effective.

The Innovative Counter

If you guys have carefully noticed a few TV channels, they have started displaying a counter that shows the time before the program be a serial or the film will resume. Usually its 1 minute. The counter typically read “Will be back in” or “Will resume in“ . This is the Innovative idea to which this post is dedicated.
I feel displaying the counter is an awesome idea. Lets analyze how…I feel this counter address a major pain points of any TV channel.

Counter Effect

Firstly, Most of the People don’t want to see ads and so as soon as ads appear, they start surfing the TV.  At times by the time they are back, the program has resumed and the viewer feels irritated as he/she has missed a portion of the program/film.By displaying the counter, The TV channel have bang on in setting the right expectation. The viewers now have an estimate of how much time is left before there program resumes. I noticed it on UTV Action and UTV Movies for the first time and so for me they are the pioneers of this innovative idea.
Effective communication
Secondly because the counter start tickling, the viewers are forced to stop surfing and as its just a matter of a minute, they don’t mind viewing the ads. So effectively, thanks to the counter, the probability of people viewing the ads has increased. Its obvious, that TV channels would en cash this increased probability and charge a premium for the last 1 minute Ad slot.
The leader has used a innovative means of communication to get what he is supposed to do. Get the viewers hooked to the channel and use the ad slots to generate ad revenue to the fullest.

Innovation makes Communication Effective

To summarize, effective communication doesn’t require multiple million dollar investment. The only criteria is that it should go and get resonating with what customer expects, it should get the resources aligned to achieve the goal. It could as simple as a time counter as we realized in this post. This reminds me of one of my earlier posts titled . For the cash registers to start ringing, for the projects to get delivered on time, within budget and with adequate quality, for the goals to be achieved; have effective communication that resonates with the audience.
But as blogged in , this innovative idea will also get commoditized and so will lose its impact. That’s why they say “Keep Walking”

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