Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Innovation is the Elephant Story

Most of my posts are someway or other linked to Innovation. I keep on emphasizing on this one word time and again. So what is innovation? Is it some rocket science? Has innovative idea to be big and large?

I believe No. Innovation is all about giving things your own touch such that it makes it more useful, becomes more apt to the expectations of audience, such that the gap between what is available and what can be made available is bridged. To concretize that innovation is not about size, keep reading this article based on the real story and I have been a witness of it.

John is a 7th Grade student in one of the English schools. Since last year, he has started participating in Elocution/speeches competition.

Today is children's day and he is planning to speak about it. Others have been speaking about Jawaharlal Nehru’s love and fondness for children and that's why children's day in India is celebrated on Nehru’s birthday i.e Nov14 in his honour.

John doesn’t want to repeat what 10 other people have said like a recorded tape. So he is thinking of adding something new, something which the judges have not heard from any of the participants, something that should make the other students drop their jaws and say we didn’t knew this.

That’s when he came to about a gesture shown by Indian prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru towards Japan. The children of Japan had requested for Elephants to India. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru known fondly as "Chacha" readily agreed and elephants were transported to Japan's Ueno Zoo. Read the full story of elephants here.

That’s it John added this point to his talk and you guessed it right, he won the First prize. I hope I have succeeded in relating the gist of the story with the birth of this post.

So the mantra is, Innovation is all going that extra mile to ensure the gap between what is expected and what is available is minimal. Its all about questing this one question to oneself blogged about in this article "Have you made to shout Wow".

Happy Innovating guys...

P.S : Story is real but not the name John
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