Leadership Matters…You bet.

Leadership has always been a topic of debate but these days with turbulence factor of the economy and the corporations increasing each passing day, the emphasis on leadership has increased proportionally.

Quite a few organizations have policy of mandatory training and for top management, workshops, seminars, executive courses are must on the menu. So why is that everybody so crazy about leadership? How does it make difference to the organization? Is it worth spending so much money on the courses?

Recently, all my doubts were cleared and I realized how important having a effective leader at the top for an organization.

The nirvana happened during my visit to local State bank of India (SBI) branch. I wanted to have an account in SBI after the economic turmoil. I had my own inhibitions of going there. 

But still I dared and went to the branch. I was pretty sure that I will have to visit the branch at least 3-4 times before my account would be Active. There will be for sure be a document missing even though I am carrying all documents which are sufficient for any other bank. All these notions of mine were shattered when I had my account active in flat 30 minutes. I was even handed over my Internet Banking Username and password.

To be icing on the cake, I was asked to switch on Bluetooth on my mobile phone and here you go, I had the Mobile banking application installed on my phone. I was completely in a state of shock when I figured out the half of the staff in the branch was 40+. This is probably at least 10 years older workforce compared to the workforce in branches of private banks.

Imagine you are a 5-10 years away from retirement and you are asked to learn computers. Not only learn but also deliver. You have competition from a workforce which is probably half your age, probably knew about computers right from their school days.

Do you think this is possible without a effective leader? You bet.

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    Keep up the spirit lit ,
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