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How Rocky Balboa knocked down Drago?


I was on a business trip last week. Post a hectic day, I went to the Hotel room, switched ON the TV and what I see " Rocky IV" is in action. I got glued to the TV and the 1.5 hours were well spent. I got completely refreshed and I feel I became more fit to be in the ring of Life. I thought why not I share this fitness tips with you all…

For those who have not seen the movie, this is the context.

Apollo Creed who is trained by Rocky is killed in a boxing match by the Soviet Union Boxer " Drago". Rocky gets moved by the death of his student and decides to plant himself in the ring against "Drago".

  • For the fight, Rocky travel to Soviet Union. He is returning to professional Boxing after a gap and so he has to prepare himself for the fight. But he doesn’t have the resources(Money) and equipment. so he starts preparing by running through roads filled with knee height Ice, Cuts huge wood logs by hand. In the given below picture, you can see Rocky dragging a Cart through dense Ice cover.

rocky practicising

Basically Rocky is doing whatever best is possible with the limited resources that he has. On the other hand, Drago    has a dedicated team of trainers and a range of modern equipment to get him fit. drago practicising


Still at the end Rocky manages to knock down Drago.

Learning : People who are best know how to make the best use of available resources. Cribbing about unavailability of resources will not help you except in making you frustrated.

  • The fight between Rocky and Drago at the climax pumps up the adrenaline in you….Rocky and Drago fight for bloody 16 rounds before Drago goes down. The interesting point to note in the fight is that in all of the rounds its Drago who dominates and keeps hitting Rocky. Still at the end Rocky Manages to knock down Drago. What Rocky simply does is, bear the hits of Drago and once Drago is all tired. Hit him hard enough to knock him down.

Learning : For success, more than power to hit, you need stamina to bear the hit. If I put this concept in the context of Business, the more important skill or power a business/person should possess is to be able to digest failure. If you are able to withstand bad times, you can always turn them inside out as Good times.

  • When Rocky enters the Fighting Arena, he is booed by the audience. As obvious, you cannot expect support for an American in Soviet Union. But Rocky is not moved, he is simply focused on the job at hand i.e to fight and conquer Drago. The indifference of people doesn’t affect his concentration, it doesn’t make him nervous, it doesn’t touch his confidence.

Learning : Think about the right thing to do instead of thinking about what people think about you.

  • Though the audience is indifferent to Rocky at the start of the fight, during the course of the fight, people start supporting Rocky. They start cheering for rocky, they rise above the concept of nationality and start supporting the better sportsman and that is Rocky. Though Drago belongs to them and they had come to see Rocky down, their notion is changed and they are enjoying what Rocky has to offer. So Rocky is their HERO now.

Learning: People will be forced to change their perception provided you produce the desired results. At times we face situations wherein we have to take non-populist decisions and the decision is criticized by people. Instead of going on a back foot because of the criticism, go ahead with the decision. At the end, the decision that was hated would become the trend.

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I hope you have enjoyed the fitness tips…As always, your comments and reactions are lifeline of SidsAvenue…Do make use of the Comments section.

“Rocky Rocks!!!”

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