Monday, November 7, 2011

Unwrapping the opportunity wrapped in crisis

Go to any leadership, self-help training and they crisis are opportunities…people should embrace them instead of fearing them. I thought why not put my mind to job and logically check if what the gurus preach is relevant…this post is all about unwrapping the opportunity wrapped in crisis…

What is Crisis?

To start with, lets see what is a crisis….crisis is something which is not routine…For police, riots is a crisis. For a software developer, a severity 1 bug is a crisis, for a economist a not so good performing economy is a crisis…this are just a few example to set the context.


What happens in Crisis?

So what happens when somebody is put to handle the crisis…the first and foremost thing to happen is that everybody's focus in suddenly on you.

You are the savior, people expect a quick solution to end the crisis. People might be shouting on you, they might be pleading you…it depends on the situation and position you are in. In simple words, a virtual world that is rotating around you is created.       


How Crisis is an Opportunity

This means that you have been given an opportunity to perform, you have been given a stage to put up a great show. Don’t you think getting opportunities in this such a competitive world is for sure a blessing, something nobody would like to miss…
Opportunity Life Cycle

If we go even further, people are expecting results from you which implies that they are ready to trust you provided you fulfill the expectation. Look around you and you will find many people who have delivered but people don’t trust them. So

I consider these expectations from people as an opportunity to gain peoples trust. I don’t need to reiterate how far peoples trust can take you…and the trust gained by performing in crisis is for sure pretty strong and sturdy.

What you folks have to say about this unwrapping…Comments section is open for all.

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