Thursday, August 25, 2011

Analyzing Anna : The 74 year old Youth Icon

Anna Hazare is the hottest name across India these days…He has been a social activist for long but was little known to people outside his home state Maharashtra. 

One fine day, he rose, raised voice against corruption and that’s it, Anna hazare is the face of desperate India that wants to get rid of Corruption.  He is tagged as the second Gandhi. This movement of India is being termed as India's second struggle of Independence, this time  its about freedom from Corruption. 

I was astonished by the kind of momentum this Movement has gained. I have been in a couple of Rallies and was amazed at the turn around of people to support Anna. A point more intriguing was involvement of youth. Obviously, I wanted to analyze understand and of course adopt the qualities of Anna which makes him what he is.  The core elements that makes Anna are following

Age doesn’t regulate action
At 74, most of us would have prefer to spent our left over years in peace, away from all this nonsense. Here you have a person who at 74 has provoked one of the biggest movement against Corruption in India. Did he really had a need to do this? Will he benefit if the Corruption is reduced? I guess not. The point I am making is there is age doesn’t regulate the actions. If you are determined to do something, age is not the constraint.

Have the right reason
For a leader to align its workforce to the goals, he has to convince the workforce that the organizational goal is the ultimate goal and have valid reasons to prove it. That’s what Anna did. He had the right reasons to fight against corruption, right solution to get India free of corruption and that’s it,  the peoples alignment to the goal is known to all of us. Youth have started feeling cool in doing something for the country by supporting this movement. Check out this article to know what I mean.

Its more about us than me
The last thing and the most key component of Anna is his inclusive approach. The cause he is fighting for is not going to benefit only him. In fact it will hardly benefit him. Its more about the common man. The people at the bottom of the pyramid. That’s why people have

Fear Factor
Above all this, I feel the most crticial aspect of Anna campaign has been his lack of fear factor. When I say fear, I mean all forms of fear. Fear of police, fear of people not supporting, fear of what others will think, fear of getting killed and so on…Until and unless one dares to do what he believes in, other factors are in sleep mode…

Organization need such leaders to achieve the goals blogged about in the article Leadership Matters...

Mai bhi Anna...Tu bhi Anaa...Ab to sara Desh hai Anna.

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