Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dushera : A reason to celebrate respect

This day "Dushera" has a special place in my life. We used to live in Staff quarters of a company which has intrests in Transport business. The company had around 30-40 trucks and on Dushera each of them would be washed clean and decorated and offered "Puja". At that time, I used to look forward to this day because it meant lots of sweets and then long ride in the truck. It was great fun. Even today, if I think of those days, a smile starts crawling on my face. Since my childhood I am habituated to offer prayers, perform puja of whatever machine kind of thing I possess. 
Gujarat CM performing Shastra Puja
During childhood days, it was my cycle and now its my Laptop. 
I feel there is a very important and very intense implicit message encoded in the Dushera Celebrations. We celebrate, offer puja and prayers to the weapons, vehicles, machinery that we use; that helps us complete our work; that helps us execute our thoughts and ideas, that helps us define what we are. In fact makes us what we are. I mean for an IT professional like me, a computer is like a heart and Internet is like Blood. Without this 2 things, I cannot do my work; I cannot be an software engineer, I cannot blog. So on Dushera, by offering prayers to these things, you are appreciating; you are respecting; you are celebrating; you are thanking them. And I feel this is a very positive thing to do. As you are celebrating, it means you have something to celebrate and in someway, it gives you a feeling of achievement The festival teaches you to respect, to appreciate, to celebrate and to thank the people, the things which helps us be what we are in their own unique way. Without these people, these things probably we could have continued the journey of life but it would have not been as easy and as accomplishing as it is today.

Happy Dushera to all you guys...

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