Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Intelligent case of Customer service

Yesterday I went to one of the roadside food joints near my house because of yes you guessed it right :)...my wife…she loves the food there. I was not very keen but as you all people who are married know…you cannot decline wife's demand. So in view of the peaceful environment at home :) I also joined her.

And you know what, My wife was right, the food was awesome. But what stunned me more was the presence of something which I never expected at a place of this sort.
There was a

A Water filter

Usually, if you go to some nice restaurant of moderate size and repute, you find water purifiers as it costs around 7k to 8k INR. But still they offer it as a gesture of "care for customers". But in this case, it’s a very very small food joint, it doesn’t even have place to let more than 2 people stand.

I felt the owner of the joint uses his brain and uses it well to support his business. Though the water filter was not the typical UV filter but was a more innovative and comparatively less costlier version recently launched by Hindustan Unilever called PureIT.

Generally you avoid drinking water at such places but because of the filter, at least I was tempted to have a glass. And it for sure bought smile on my face.

In fact, I feel he has played a smart trick. To support the joint, he must have to store drinking water. So instead of doing it in the common water storing utensils, he used the filter which stores water(18 liters) and also conveyed the message.

The point is he made sure he conveys the message to his customers that "I care for your health" and he did this in the most feasible and affordable way possible for the joint like his. And I feel that’s what matter the most. Infact, I have personally learnt few lessons from this.

  •  You have to ensure you convey and propagate your beliefs, values not only on papers but also in reality.
Nobody expects water filter but this guy ensured he had one.

  • You just have to just use your brain to provide good customer service along with supporting business.
Probably the owner didn’t have any degrees. He just used plain common sense.

  • If you want to reach the top, do what people at the top are doing but use your brain while doing so.
And so went for the cheaper yet reliable version of the filter instead of blindliy picking what others were using.

That’s what I call an Intelligent Case of Customer service...