Thursday, March 25, 2010

Report it to Stop it

I feel AIDS is the most deadly disease to affect our human race. This disease progressively reduces the effectiveness of the immune system and leaves individuals susceptible to infections and tumors and ultimately results in death. One could argue that there are other diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer's etc but I feel what makes AIDS the deadliest of them all is the way in which it spreads. 
AIDS is transmitted from an infected person to another through anal, vaginal or oral sex, blood transfusion, contaminated hypodermic needles, from mother to baby during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding. If you carefully look at the means of infection like sex, breastfeeding, childbirth, blood transfusion; this are all very basic medical and personal needs of a person. There are so many accidents happening everyday and in most of these cases, patients needs to be given blood. Sex, pregnancy, child birth is inevitable for all of us. This is the very basic reason which differentiates us from Stones, Mountains and other non-living things. In short, AIDS is deadliest because it spreads through human activities which are very basic needs of life and so it spreads easily and widely. 
I feel there is one more thing which spreads as fast as AIDS or probably even faster.

 Fortunately, not all of us are a victim of AIDS but this disease which I am talking about has for sure directly or indirectly infected all of us, affected all of us. Wondering what it is...its called CORRUPTION
Yes, corruption is the biggest problem which has made everybody of us its victim and the infection is spreading faster and faster. The problem is more profound is developing countries like India and even more profound in poor countries like Somalia. So the question is, is there something which can be done about it? Can we stop it?
In the beginning, I have compared CORRUPTION to AIDS. We all know that though AIDS is still the deadliest disease, we have gained some control over it and its spread speed had reduced a bit. Thanks to various initiatives and campaigns undertaken. If you look at the contents of these campaigns, the weapon used extensively against AIDS is AWARENESS. Yes, the campaigns try to make people aware of the disease; aware of the means through which it spreads; aware about the preventive methods; aware about the safer techniques,procedures to conduct activities like blood transfusion, sex. Its all about awareness from top to bottom, right to left.
So can't we employ the same methodology to curb corruption. I say, why not? One of the reason why corruption goes unchecked is because people who take bribes are people who are people in power; people who we need to get our critical business decisions , personal work done; people who if not bribed will make our life hell by trapping us into web of law. Also we are made a victim of corruption individually and most of the time at odd instances of our lives. Hence we do what needs to be done, bribe the people; and get on with life. Probably, you will curse the culprit, discuss about it with family, friends and forget it. Actually even if you wanted to raise a voice against it, there was no body to hear probably. But with Internet, things have changed. One can share experience without disclosing identity and thus get rid of the fear associated with raising voice, raising concern. A database of peoples experience with corruption will be very useful in 

a. Making others aware of potential risk areas and how can be avoid them 
b. Keep the fire of fighting against it alive 
c. Government can ignore one, two or three cases but not millions of them 
d. In case quite a few of the cases are against a single department or officer, it could be bought to the notice of the Anti-corruption bureau and hopefully the problem will be resolved. 

This are few of the benefits which I can think, am sure once the database is up and running, it will be much more useful. So shall we get on it with guys...
What one needs to do this just click here and fill up the form. 
On this site, you can not check others experience but very soon I will try to get a platform where thats also possible.

Lets pledge for a AIDS free and CORRUPTION free world.  

siddharth joshi A thinking soul

Writing to clear my mind...


  1. Dude, you have communicated the subject very nicely.. especially relating AIDS with CORRUPTION. Beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks buddy. I really feel that corruption is as deadly for a country as AIDS is for humans


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