Why Sanjay Dutt is celebrated and Shiney Ahuja finished?

They say Love is blind and I do believe so but in a different context.

Sanjay Dutt, one of the known Bollywood film actors is in jail but it seems peoples love for him has not changed at all. In fact, it seems it has increased both within the Film fraternity and the audience. Though he has been convicted and hence sentenced, for people that’s minimal...or may be it doesn't matter. Same is the case of Salman Khan, he in a drunk state rode his car over 4 people and still he is one of the most beloved and better paid Bollywood actors.
On the other hand take the case of Shiney Ahuja. He has not been proven guilty yet though he had to spend sometime in Jail. But he is finished now. As soon as the news of his involvement in the case appeared in the news, it seems people has written him off. There were reports that actresses are not ready to work with him. Nobody knows if Shiney was really involved in the crime. But the thing is his career in Bollywood is finished.

I wonder why we are so indifferent, why are we so biased, why at times we ignore crime, why we celebrate bad behavior, are we Hippocrates who talk about being good but we actually want to be bad?

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