The mystery of Crossroads

One of the SMS that I received read "Life is a hard teacher, it takes the test first and then teaches the lesson".

I am currently going through a phase where I am learning something new everyday. The learning is not necessarily from my personal experience but also from others for the reasons I talked in the post Half Burnt Bread stories.

Recently I have learnt a new lesson. The lesson is about how you perceive a situation, how you react to a situation in life, how you take the result of a situation in your stride in keep moving.

The Mystery

I realized, every situation is like being on the crossroads. And you know what, there are 2 paths, 2 ways of reacting to a situation, 2 ways to handle the situ

ation.                            On the crossroads

The First Path

The first is the easiest and most common method wherein you blame others for the situation like our politicians do. Whatever happens they say, it’s a game to harm them by the opposition party or its an act of foreign enemies. And we all know how true is this statement. Everybody knows the truth, but they keep on fooling around people.If you are following this path, its like your keeping your wound open to and inviting others to finger in. Politicians fool others but we fool ourselves following this path. We are breaking the feedback loop that helps us grow, helps us learn, makes us ready for the next crossroads and eventually helps us to keep walking.

The other Path

The other one, often rarely used and often difficult to adapt is of being honest to ourselves, taking ourselves back to the drawing table and evaluating oneself, taking the feedback though negative as the corrective agent that will reduce the gap between what you want to be and what you are. I feel Walking the second path is difficult to do as it requires us to keep aside the ego; accept that we can be wrong, do wrong; understand that we too have weakness, have deficiencies and this is as difficult as trekking Himalayas.

Negative Feedback Amplifier For one to walk this path, he has to be like a Negative Feedback amplifier.  Folks from Physics background must have started recalling the chapter on Amplifiers. For others, I am sure you have used a Sound system, one of the components of the system is an amplifier that amplifies the sound signals. Read this wiki to know how Negative Feedback makes the amplifier good enough to be used practically.

So what have you have to say about the crossroads? Which path would you take. I am trying to be a Negative Feedback amplifier and you could use the comments section to pass on the feedback to me gang…


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