MakeFinSense - A Financial Spa

MakeFinSense is the new initiative of mine. Its a Financial Spa.The Spa meant for rejuvenating,provoking and producing the financial senses.

To start with, I have added a simple and pretty useful excel based utility called FinHealthMonitor. A simple and elegant utility to track Investments and liabilities for a period of 24 months. The rationale behind developing this utility is that better planning leads to better Finance Management. This utility should help folks during the Planning phase. In simple words, this tool takes your investments and liabilities as input and generates a report on a month on month basis. Please check the dedicated page of FinHealthMonitor

The basic thought process at the core of the tool is to facilitate better planning of the finances by being aware of the outgo and incoming of mullah for a given month.

An individual who is earning will have queries related to finances. MakeFinSense has got a collection of resources to help people in getting the right resources as soon as possible. Have a look at this here

Have a great time making Financial Sense folks...

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