Wednesday, September 22, 2010

3 most adorable Companions of a Bachelor

I have spent a considerable time of my life living away from family and as a bachelor. 4 years during my engineering and then 5+ years while working till I finally got married 8 months back. Since last few days, I have again got to be in the bachelor mode as my wife is away on travel. The routine was disturbed. There was nobody to take care of my food, my clothes. So I went into flashback to recollect how was I living when I was alone and  3 things caught my mind. These are the things which helped me sail through my bachelorhood. I am sure most of the college guys will agree with me. Let me introduce you to my Bachelorhood companions.  My first friend is my pair of 
Denim jeans
When you are alone there's nobody to take care of your clothes. You don’t have the time to do it yourself. But the problem is you cannot wear the same spoiled, wrinkled formal trousers again and again . There comes the rescuer in the form of Denim jeans. 7 For All Mankind Mens Standard Denim Jean, Dark Indigo, 28It has no bar of fitting. It has no constraint of color. No problem if its dirty. In fact, the more spoiled it looks, the more rocking you are. The more torn out, the more stylish you are. Once I had gone home wearing one such torn and spoiled pair of jeans. My dad looked at me with pity, offered me some money and said son go and purchase new trousers, your jeans is so old and torned :)
This is my other dear friend. Somehow it so happens that when you have to go for a date or an important meeting, you get up late. You have to manage the time and the thing which comes for rescue is the Deo.
Right Guard Sport Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Solid Fresh - 3 Oz  I am not explicitly stating the activities that can be bypassed by Deo to ensure I don’t break the suspense. But I am sure the guys reading this knows what I mean. For others, let me give a hint. Deo helps us go green as it helps save water :) :) :P
Maggi Noodles
Ahh…this is the ultimate thing. The instant noodles, Maggi. Irrespective of time and the place, provided you have a vessel and something to make fire, you can have a delicious dish. 
Thanks to Maggi.Maggi Masala Noodles 400g (Quad Pack) Infact I recently visited Munnar and I had Maggi on the hills. I felt Maggi tastes even better in cold environments, with fresh vegetables and when you are  damn hungry.

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