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Are you aware of the theory of Traffic and Trust

I have been blogging for around 2 years now and like every blogger, often Google to find out ways to increase traffic on my blog. The ideas were very common like Comment on others articles in your niche, build a strong social network, write guest post etc.

These techniques works pretty well. Still it was not good enough and I was looking for something else. I thought there is something missing, there is something else which I need to do. Something which is bigger than all the recommended tips. As usual, I started scratching my head, got my brains to work and the result is this post.

To start with , I asked my self, Whatever I am writing, discussing, blogging about is not always something out of this world, its not something like Newton discovering the Laws of Gravity.  And even if it is, for people to read it, they have to visit my blog and so the question is How will people come to my blog?

Fine, I have marketed my blog well, used the recommended SEO techniques and so people know my blog now. But still why should they believe me? Why should people be interested in  what I write? what I blog about? what should be worried about the opinions and thoughts I have?

Yes. You guessed it right. People don’t believe me because they don’t know me, Simple. So what do I do?

For people to believe me, discuss what I right, share my links, I have to build my reputation, build the trust among people. In plain English, People should either hate my post or love my post. They should not ignore it.

This post is all dedicated to exploring the avenues to build reputation, build the trust…and thus answer the question that is not often answered.

Share knowledge

Surfing net is for sure a key activity we all do these days. Typically, the things we like and want it to be available for reference in future is saved in the Favorites of the browser. The first step to build reputation is to expand the horizon from Browser based Favorites to social bookmarking service like Delicious. This is how it will help you build your reputation

  1. The bookmarks you save can made public and thus rest of world knows what interests you, what's going on in your mind, you are up to these days.
  2. You get to know strangers sharing the same interests/links and thus build a social network beyond friends and family.
  3. People you get to know this way are not totally strangers.

Its no rocket science to realize that the better links you share, the better is your social network. Mention you website/blog link in the profile and give the people a chance to know more about you, your work, your passion. Now and then, you could share the link your site, your blog and en-cash the reputation. Have a look at my Delicious Feed by clicking here

Share pictures

A site, a blog is incomplete without pictures. Science very clearly states that we are good at visual stimulus. Moreover, there is so much to do online that the attention span of people is very less. Thus using relevant pictures strategically is a good way to connect with the audience. The idea is to save the pictures you use for your site, articles on Social photo sharing sites like Flickr, Shutterstock. The key is to name, to tag, to categorize the picture rightly.

By doing this, you are opening another channel of audience which is more interested in pictures. Have an embedded link back to your site in the picture and you know what will happen. Another chunk of additional traffic that trusts you. Thanks to the pictures you shared with them.

Participate in Conversation

I am present on Twitter( @charmingsid is my handle). I simply used to share links to my site and that’s it. As obvious, I was not getting much of a traffic. There are millions of links of tweets and so why should somebody view the link I shared. Fair enough. So I started interacting with people , started having conversation, share my opinions and ideas with people. This way I built a network of again strangers on one of the most happening social platform Twitter. I am sure you guys understood that the probability of people visiting my site is increased as there is some level of trust on me. I en-cashed my reputation by occasionally sharing links to my site, sharing links to products I like, requesting feedback and suggestions on my articles.

Be Active in Forums

This is one of the oldest and well written technique. You are supposed to join forums that interests you, that are relevant to your site and start contributing. The idea here again is to have a network of people beyond friends and family members. Build reputation, gain peoples trust and then en-cash it strategically.

For that matter, Trust is the vital ingredient for any work you take up. The techniques could vary but then the mantra remains the same. Do genuinely good to others and they will be ready to trust you, give you the kick that will take you to Cloud number 9. I call it making to Shout Wow.

All said, its vital to understand that building trust will take time, will need efforts and it could be damn easily broken if you start spamming people. Just remember the story of The Goose that laid the golden eggs before en-cashing your newly built reputation.

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