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3 Ideas about Monetization through Affiliation

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Liked a product, grab it and Share it

Online shopping is an integral part of lives these days. The shopping sites wants to make use of the social media to accelerate there sales. And so they have Affiliate programs. As a part of the program, you are paid a part of the sales revenue generated by you as a commission. All you have to do is, share the product you purchased, share the service you liked, share the deal that made you shout wow, share the book that made your day and you are on for a few bucks as a commission. I have done practiced ( See I practice what I preach Smile) this approach in my post Make the most of now

Have a website, join Affiliate program

Do you have a personal blog, a website, a forum. Great, you have got a medium that can be monetized. Simply enroll yourself for the Affiliate programs from the likes of Googlegoogle affiliate network,

  Viglinkviglinketc. Post enrolment, you will receive ad requests for your blog, site or forum and you are paid by the merchant a part of the sales generated by you as a commission.

Do you use/share pictures, monetize it

Well explained ideas, creative thoughts, interesting blogs, beautiful websites have one thing in common. They make extensive use of relevant images, use of images to reach the audience, use images to covey the ultimate message, use images to transform complex stuff into simple, appealing and . Do you use pictures for your website, your blog, your forum? Use sites like Shutterstock as the source of pictures with a backlink to the site. The backlink is the unique link provided to you on joining the Affiliate program of Shutterstock. The images on SidsAvenue are affiliated to ShutterStock. shutterstock_logo_rev3 You get paid the referral bonus when people you referred make purchases on ShutterStock.

There is another fantastic Image bank offering monetization opportunity through ads embedded in the images, its called kisokedKiosked. The publisher is paid when the user hovers around the image and performs an action on the Kiosk displayed.

So get on and get your affiliate network healthy guys…

These are the techniques which I use personally to monetize SidsAvenue.

Do let me know your review on this post, any other way of affiliation you are using etc in the comments section…

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