Saturday, March 26, 2011

The World is Squared : Thanks Google

Data Analysis methods like Tables, Matrices, Graphs, Charts are like bread and butter for the everybody of us. We use these entities for many purposes. To Report, to compare and based on it, business critical decisions are taken.
Imagine a tool which can tabularize, form a matrix of the data available all across the globe, contributed by millions of people, covering most of the major companies on this planet, find the expert comments based on a very simple thing, a single keyword. 
Thanks to Innovation of Google, imagination has become a reality.
Yes you can now tabularize your search results also. The product is calls "Google Squared".
Google Squared
Its in the  Google Labs and you sure can play around with it.
How it works
Its as simple as always has been with Google products. Just enter the key words. Google will tabularize the data and wherever possible give the options of adding extra columns.
Check out this Square I made for myself….
What more can I do ?
The results can be saved in a CSV file or in Google Spreadsheet format
Your custom square can be made public and shared with people.
The application of this feature is limited only by imagination limit. You are working on a product, share the results with you colleagues.
You could add custom column also by using the option of "Start with a Blank Square"
The gist is explore more to exploit more….and of course kudos to the brainy people other their in Google offices.
And Yes, do take the survey and help Google in Squaring the World
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