Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Maths of Myths

Myths and Superstitions are an integral part of our lives. We all must have at some or other point of time come across a ritual, a practice, a tradition which you felt was a myth, a superstition. I recently happened to come across one such interesting practice which forced me to think and write this post.
Typically in India, people are obsessed with male babies. They do everything and anything to ensure the lady delivers a male baby. Lets not dwell into the reasons for this obsession. I came across one of the many beliefs wherein the pregnant lady is given a liquid and it is believed that it will ensure the lady delivers a boy. I don’t know how its possible. By the time, the lady realizes she is carrying, a month has already passed. The baby formation process has already started. The nature is very much on work and is busy to keep the deadlines. Though the magical liquid is given after this period of a month and it will ensure the baby under formation is boy. I don't know how it convinces the nature to change its plan in case a baby girl was under construction. Wont you agree with me if I call this a myth, a Superstition? The post is of-course not to analyze the chemical composition of the magical liquid. Instead my idea is to dig and see why people believe such myths.

There is a very strong reason why people should get carried away with this myth and try it.
By default, we all are known and habituated to remember the events, the persons, the methods, the ideas that are successful. We all salute the rising Sun and why not. Nobody wants to carry the baggage of failure as it’s a part and parcel of a journey and as they say "Picture abhi baki hai mere dost", Its not end if its not right.
This very attitude of ours is the reason for the so called myths in this world. Lets go back to myth and see how a myth is born along with the baby.
The "Baby Boy Obsessed" people must have used the wonder liquid trick to get a boy and by coincidence even if 1% of them got it right. They would ensure they go and advise this trick to every lady in their known group of people. To everybody who already has girls and is pregnant again. To everybody who is pregnant for the first time. We all are aware of this "Word of Mouth" phenomenon. Then there are people who have very special quality of spreading messages like fire in a jungle. They are called Mavericks. Read this amazing book "Outliers" to know the power of this mavericks as the author unravels the background and the trigger for the American revolution.

In nutshell, the point is myths and superstitions are a result of our own attitude to celebrate success and forget failures. Our own advocation of following the methods, the processes which make success a reality. 
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