Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Curious case of 3Cs

    In my earlier post “HAVE YOU MADE TO SHOUT WOW”, I have talked about correlating compensation to something I term as "WoW" factor. This post is to dive deeper and unravel the curious case of this wow factor, to understand the drivers, to identify the triggers that make people to shout wow. There are many people, many organizations out there doing what you are involved in. So what is the differentiating factor that ensures that your work, your services,your products hits the right chords with the customers. What is/are the things or drivers which force customers, people to say "WoW". I feel there are 3 things and I call them the 3C's.

    The 3C's are Commitment, Consistency and Care

    I am sure most of you have started to correlate these virtues to success. Would you mind still reading the post and let me know if I have made you all to say "WoW".

    When I say Commitment, its not only about timelines. I refer to commitment in everything. You have to stick to the commitments you make to the customer, you make to the people around you and most importantly to your selves. Commitment is the foundation for trust and trust is the foundation of a lasting relationship. Sticking to commitments makes one reliable, makes one trustworthy and all of us like to be associated with such people, with such organizations.


    The next is Consistency. Now that you have laid the foundation for a lasting relationship, the foundation needs regular maintenance so that it remains intact. This maintenance is nothing but consistency. Consistency in delivering what you have committed. Consistency in adding value to customers. Consistency in adding value to whatever you do. Consistency in being innovative. Consistency in providing great customer service. In short, as I mentioned earlier. Be consistent in whatever is committed.


    The third and the most important aspect is Care.


    When I say care, I mean about being sensitive to customers needs, to be caring to their requirements. Its all about putting your leg in customers shoes and ensuring that the shoes fit well and doesn’t bite. In fact, if you are sensitive, you will always find opportunities to improve and to be innovative. Thus reinforcing the commitment to deliver value consistently. The commitment and consistency are no useful if not matched with equal and more intense care and sensitivity.

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Go Green@Free

Go Green is the latest buzzword. The internet is flooded with various ideas, tricks and ways of going green. There are various tools to measure the carbon footprint. Every industry is doing something or other to be green. From business point of view, Carbon credits are getting a place in the balance sheet. Being green means more carbon credits. For the Go Green revolution to be really effective, GoGreenTrendthe common man also has to play a part. The issue is that most of the methods, ideas of going green require a change and at times the change costs. In a country like India where more than 50% of the population falls under Middle class or lower than Middle class any extra cost is a burden and they would not want to bear the burden. So to be different from the crowd, I have tried to find solution to reduce the burden of extra cost of the common man and go green.

One of the basic needs of life is Light and for decades, the incandescent lamp has been the major source which suffices this need. Ironically its not green and so one of the easiest ways of reducing carbon footprint for a common man is switching from the traditional bulk to CFL. But a CFL costs around 70-80 INR and on an average a household will need at least 4-5 CFL. The total cost of this change would be around 400 INR. For many people in India, this amount could be a burden. The chances are that he/she will not go for the change. But there is a silver line. The newspaper is a very integral part of our life and in India its a common practice to sell the old newspapers ( aka Raddi). Yes you git it right. My idea is to use the money received by selling the old news papers. On average the newspapers are sold at 7 INR and typically if you have subscribed for 1 daily, the total weight would be around 2 Kgs. Simple maths reveals that a common man could purchase a CFL free of cost in 5 months. I know its slow but as they “Its better to be late than never” and “Slow and Steady wins the race”. Instead of never switching to CFL, a person can complete the switch over in course of 2 years.

The transformation could happen a little more faster if along with the Raddi, the other old stuff and clutter categorised as Bhangar is also recycled.

This trick has multiple advantages. Firstly, you are of course cleaning your house which is good in all ways. Secondly you are recycling the old stuff and thus reducing carbon foot print. Thirdly the money is used to even further reduce the carbon footprint by switching to CFL. As the insurance agents calls, its a triple advantage policy.

siddharth joshi A thinking soul

Writing to clear my mind...

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