Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go Green@CleanClutter

The temperatures in India are really bad this year. My home town is experiencing temperatures of around 46°C on an average. I personally feel Global warming has started affecting the common man now. Its no longer a research project where scientists go and observes glaciers thickness and say the world's temperature is increasing. I thought is there something which I can do to decrease my carbon footprint? I researched a bit on the net, used my own thoughts and have come up with a series of actions which do not require much of a investment and are in fact at times monetarily rewarding.I will be posting them here on my blog in the form of a series.

To start with, l am posting the very basic set of activities which we can do and contribute our bit in helping the earth survive. I call it Clean Clutter Drive.
Clean Clutter Drive
a. Recycle old stationery
I have been recently moved a new place and on opening the drawer found a bunch of old papers. I believe most of us take print outs of MoM (minutes of meeting), extract of an article from a book, web page mostly to understand the stuff better. But the printouts are not useful after certain time. We/Organizations should initiate a week long drive of say ‘Clean Drawer’ or something and ask people to dump the waste papers they have. I am sure we would be able to recycle a major bunch of paper.

b. Recycle old stuff
I happened to relocate last year and while doing so ran a drive to remove all the clutter. To my surprise, I had materials like plastic and glass bottles, old utensils, some iron stuff,at least a bag full of old clothes etc.. one of the best ways of going green is I sold the old stuff at a recycling store and to my surprise the clutter was worth couple of thousands( to be precise 3k) and gave away the old clothes to this NGO.

c. Recycle e-Waste
Get all the electronic stuff which is not useful anymore and call the recycling guys. You might also make some money. Its always a better deal to make some money out of things which are lying useful and dumped in the backyard. Listed below are the links of some of the organizations involved in or/and aceepting recycling e-waste.

d. Recycle old phones
Recycle old phones, yes, everybody from India must have seen this ad featuring Shah Rukh Khan. It’s a Nokia initiative where you can give away any brand phone and Nokia will plant a tree for each phone donated.
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ZERO is Valueless??? Think again...

How will you feel if somebody calls you ZERO....
Irritated? Angry? Wana hit the person hard who dared to call you zero?
Yes, even I will feel the same.
On the same lines, I am sure most of us would have called somebody else ZERO.So what does it mean to be a ZERO? Does it mean somebody is useless? Does it mean the person being names ZERO is valueless.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

COCODLE - A great humanitarian initiative -- Customized Google

Cocodle , powered by Google Custom Search, is an initiative towards helping underprivileged and
differently-abled children with the revenue generated through online search.

What all we are asked for is to just use the site, nothing more. With Cocodle, you will get the
same results you get in Google for any particular search, but it gives you one more
good reason to search with your favorite search engine - and that is " helping underprivileged
and differently-abled children across the globe

We finally have got the chance to help these children without having to donate any
 or do any extra work.

If you think internet is one of the biggest boon to mankind, let's share a little of it with those
children who never got to see it

P.S : This post is not my work. I have received this as a forwarded email and posting it here as it helps somebody smile...
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Fix the Leaks

Since the last few days I have been the center of cateen jokes for my colleagues. I am teased by two of my colleagues saying their salary package clubbed together is less than mine. One of them is as experienced and as qualified as I am. Though this was a joke, it triggered me to do a realty check about myself. I tried to convince myself saying "I am in the domain which is in boom currently (IT in Telecom Sector) and so I am special and I am paid optimum".
But to be honest, I was not very convinced with these options. I started asking myself questions like Do I really deserve this pay? Am I really that qualified? My search for an answer came to an end when I read this quote

"A rising tide lifts even the leaky boats"

I felt the quote answers all my questions. The Indian economy and especially IT industry has been doing well since the last decade or so and most of the highly paid people are from IT industry. I realized the economic boom in India is for sure the rising tide. And so the numbers in my payslip also look very good.

But what when the tide resides?; the IT industry consolidates and loses its glory, where will I be?; what will be my fate?
I surely will sink if I do not realize if there are any leaks in my boat and then if I dont fix them.The questioning sessions I had with myself was my attempt to identify if there are any leaks in my boat. And if any, fix them before the tide goes down and I sink. Am sure, everybody understands that by fixing I mean enhancing my skills, improve my attitude if needed, be in the right social network. In short do whatever it takes to ensure that my career's boat keeps on floating and as an when there is a high tide, enjoy the high rise...

By the way, I read the quote in this article
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Friday, May 21, 2010

My Speciality

I have Specialized in such a Special domain that it takes even the Specialists to have Special skills to understand about my Speciality... :) :) :)
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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mind the gap

Everybody of us periodically face tough situations, not so favorable people, failures, health problems etc. Probably the first question we ask is "Why me?". At least I do so. And its very obvious I feel. Rough patches of life are testing times, one is drained mentally, physically and also financially. I feel the extent to which one is drained, stressed by tough times depends on the two questions. The first is of course, "Why me?". The next is "What Next?". The gap between these two questions decides the kind of stress, the kind of pressure, the kind of bothering one is supposed to go through. Not convincing right? Keep reading.

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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Experience matters

I read this quote somewhere "Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment" and was thinking how true is it.
I feel to a very large extent. Some of the other quotes like 

"Failure is success postponed"

"Failure is stepping stone to Success" 

"Success is failure turned inside out"

try to convey that don't worry if your are not successful. Learn from your failures and keep doing the good work. Success will be in your kitty very soon. So does that mean that I have to commit all the mistakes myself and then only I can be successful. The answer is both Yes and No.

Yes, because whatever one does, there is some kind of uniqueness to it. And for the diamond to be polished enough to shine, some amount of cutting, sharpening is necessary.

But I feel there is a trick if used can reduce the extent to which one has to face failures. The trick is there in the quote itself. Develop good judgement and for that you need experience. But it never says that the experience has to be your own :)

It mean learn from not only your experience but also from others and keep doing the good work, keep improving your judgement, keep correcting your track and your on way to meet success mate.

So the next good question would be, How can I learn from others?
I have posted at least two answers here....

Half Burnt Bread stories

Don't let wounds open

Let me go and build my kitty of experience too guys

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