The best example of fitness

At the age of 92, my grandfather has come to my house on 4th floor climbing 80 steps. That’s what I call is fitness.

Bravo Granpa...

Hats off to you...

Report it to Stop it

I feel AIDS is the most deadly disease to affect our human race. This disease progressively reduces the effectiveness of the immune system and leaves individuals susceptible to infections and tumors and ultimately results in death. One could argue that there are other diseases like Cancer, Alzheimer's etc but I feel what makes AIDS the deadliest of them all is the way in which it spreads. 
AIDS is transmitted from an infected person to another through anal, vaginal or oral sex, blood transfusion, contaminated hypodermic needles, from mother to baby during pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding. If you carefully look at the means of infection like sex, breastfeeding, childbirth, blood transfusion; this are all very basic medical and personal needs of a person. There are so many accidents happening everyday and in most of these cases, patients needs to be given blood. Sex, pregnancy, child birth is inevitable for all of us. This is the very basic reason which differentiates us from Stones, Mountains and other non-living things. In short, AIDS is deadliest because it spreads through human activities which are very basic needs of life and so it spreads easily and widely. 
I feel there is one more thing which spreads as fast as AIDS or probably even faster.

Mantra for Money

In India, it is said that if you want to make big money...you have to either in Bollywood or Cricket or Politics. But now with Bollywood and Cricket coming together for IPL, its better to option seems to be IPL and IPL and IPL...all the way.

Survival of the Fittest

I have read a few of self-help books, a few autobiographies, a few spiritual books. I often go through blogs of Robin Sharma, Malcolm Gladwell and others. I feel there are so many books, so much of material available which try to help us realize our true potential, reach our goals, be successful in ones career, have a great relationship and the list goes on. Each book, each article, each seminar has atleast one advice which you feel is amazing and you should follow it. So if you pick up even a single advice from each book, the list of advices one needs will run into hundreds and thousands!!!
 I thought what is that one rule, the root of all theories, the baap(father) of all advices, the gist of all the gyaan which all these stuff advocate and propagate.

How many Tugboats you have?

Did you ever felt that the world is getting more and more competitive with each passing day? You come up with a new business today and tomorrow there will be 10 more competing you.  The moment you felt I have learnt enough; there is a new technology, new algorithm, new research published and you have to buckle up again. So how does one survive in such situation? How does one be on the top of the competition?

Global warming is a global warning

Some time back, I happened to attend a yoga class organized by my company. The instructor was talking about the benefits of Yoga and during that revealed a nice little thing. He said, if your body pains, you should be thankful to it. According to him, body pains to convey that it’s not in the best of the shape/form and it needs to be looked at. It is our body's own mechanism of complaining. Without this, I am sure we would have never understood what’s happening to our body because of the daily wear and tear and our lifestyle. The best part that the complaint comes to us in stages. The severity keeps on increasing with each going day and so the content of the complain. Starting from light pain when the damage has just started to severe pain when the damage is almost near the thresold and at times complete disability of an organ when the damage has crossed the thresold point. The early we pay attention to these complaints and start the maintenance the lesser will be the severity of the pain.

I feel the climatic changes which we all the seeing, the erratic monsoon, the unpredictable seasons, increased number of storms, melting glaciers, increased average temperature of earth etc... are all different ways of our mother nature to grab our attention and convey the message...

“ Hey Guys, am not in good shape. Start the repair work urgently or I will be damaged beyond repair”.

The global warming is a global warning from our mother planet to save itself and in turn save the very life on earth.