Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beware of Johny...

It often happens that you start something new and somebody would discourage you by laughing at you, making you feel whatever you are doing is b** sh*t. They will do this without even knowing what exactly you are doing or plan to do. In fact, they might not have even a hair line thick idea of what you are talking about. I also my share of encounters with such people. But I don't let their words affect me in any way possible. But Because I know they are behaving like Johny. 
I feel the people who really care about you, will take pains to listen to or go through your concept/idea and then give their opinion. 
Wondering who is Johny! keep reading...

John and Johny were two kids living next to each other. John was from a rich family whereas Johny was from a not so strong financial background. Both used to share their toys and play together. One day, John's dad bought him a very beautiful and quite expensive toy. John showed it to Johny and Johny just could not stop himself from getting attracted to it. He wanted it and so he put across his request to his dad. Obviously the petition was rejected as Johny's family cannot afford it. Johny was sad, restless and frustrated. He wanted the toy badly but it seemed just impossible. So he found a solution to his problem. Any guesses what Johny did...

He broke the toy itself...yes he broke the toy.

There are many people around us who are like Johny. They cannot do what you are doing but also cannot accept that you are doing it. So they try to deviate your focus, get you off the track.

So lets beware of Johnys around us and also avoid(in case doing so) behaving like Johny.

Note:All names,characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Why me???

Not my work niether I know if its true...But the story is quite inspiring and answers one of the most frequent questions we face in our lives...

One of the Legendary Wimbledon player was dying of Heart Trouble, which he got due to, infected blood during a heart surgery in 1983. From world over, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: “Why does GOD have to select you for such a painful disease”?

To this Arthur Ashe replied: The world over 5 crore children start playing tennis, 50 lakhs learn to play tennis, 5 lakhs learn professional tennis, 50000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals, When I was holding a cup I never asked GOD: “Why me?” And today in pain I should not be asking GOD “Why me?”

Happiness keeps u Sweet, Trials keep u Strong, Sorrow keeps u Human, Failure Keeps u Humble and Success keeps u glowing, but only Faith Keeps u Going…
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Perfectly Imperfect

I am so Perfectly  Imperfect that am the Perfect example of Perfect Imperfection
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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lets jointly fight it out

First of all, I pay my homage to those killed in the horrible acts of frequent militant attacks across our country in the last few years and the very recent attack on German Bakery, Pune. 
I pray to God to give strength to their families. I have lost my mother recently so I can understand the grief to some extent. But then grieving is not the solution to the issue. Its time to act and act fast. I was thinking of ways to raise my voice and try that this kind of acts are not repeated. One of the solution I found was to constantly keep questioning our dear politicians and that much more from  now on . While going through the news on different sites, I found a link which has the same opinion. The link is given below. I request you all to please goto the link and cast your vote. Also post in case you are aware of some other links. The only option we are left with to stay safe is raise our voice big and loud both in numbers and depth.

Jai Hind

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Don't let wounds open

This is a story of two friends John and Johny. Both work in the same organization and stay together in a youth hostel. John is elder and has around  5-6 years of work experience whereas Johny has just started his career. Everyday after dinner, both would go on a walk and Johny would start the same old story. The story of his boss, his colleagues. According to Johny, his boss and colleagues keep on harassing him on anything and everything. They consider Johny unfit for the job. The constant nagging in the office was taking its toll on Johny's health also. John was bored of these daily dose of drama but would patiently listen to Johny and console him because Johny was the sole bread earner in his family. He had a ailing mother and younger sisters to be taken care of. John initially thought Johny was a slow learner and a fresher and so he is not able to cope up with the pressure of the Job. 
Incidentally John was moved in the team along with Johny. He was baffled by the way Johny conducted himself with his colleagues and boss. John realized that there is another side to Johny's stories which he is personally witnessing. Johny was not a slow learner, he was a adamant guy with " I know Everything" kinda attitude. He would commit mistakes and if somebody tries to correct him, he would just ignore them. The frequency of mistakes was increasing with each passing day. Unfortunately, the mistakes were being repeated even after training and hand-holding from his colleagues. At last, Johny's boss had to take a call and Johny was given a final chance. Any more mistakes and Johny is history for the organization. 
Johny was troubled and needed someone to console him. So he came with a heavy heart and tears filled eyes to John. John talked to him for a few minutes and left. Since then, Johny has been one of the star performers in the team. He is consulted more than anybody in the team. He has gained respect,applause of his team mates and his boss.

Any guesses what did John told Johny that saved his career and transformed his life...

John said listen dude, there is nothing wrong in committing mistakes. We are human beings and we are bound to commit mistakes. But if the same mistake is repeated, theres a problem that needs to be addressed. The reason why somebody repeats a mistakes is because he/she has not learnt how to avoid/handle it. And the learning doesn't happen if you hardly care about it and you are not open to learning.

If you consider mistakes as wounds on your body, when people tell you or criticize you about your mistakes, you should be thankful to them. They are showing you your open/untreated wounds. You should immediately treat them, cover them. The constant nagging you are face is because you force people to hit you on your wounds so that you realize that you are wounded.  Being a non-learner, a closed person is like keeping the wounds open and untreated. And so you have all the chances of  people hitting onto the wounds and wounds turning sore...very sore...

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Simply Unavoidable !!!

Boss: Why is the task not completed?

Employee: Boss, due to some unavoidable circumstances which cannot be avoided, I decided non to avoid the unavoidable circumstances and so avoided the task which was avoidable.

:) :) :)
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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines gifting ideas...

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and as most of us might have done, I was also busy in selecting gift for my valentine. I have recently got married and this is my first Valentine’s Day after marriage, also last year on Valentine’s Day, I had met my wife for the first time. So Valentine’s Day holds double importance for me.

As you know, on Valentine’s Day, the gifts are for all the loved ones and so I was thinking who else is left. That’s when I received a newsletter from Greenpeace and I realized whom I have missed. Yes, you guessed it right…Our Mother Nature…Our Planet earth. We all love it. Don’t we? In fact, we need to love it if we love ourselves. But looking at the current state of affairs about Earth, I feel we need to do more than just loving our planet. We need to stand up and get involved in acts which prove that yes we actually care about our planet. In simple words, we have to be selfish because until our planet is protected and cared, our human race is in unprotected and in great danger for sure. These thoughts pumped up my adrenaline and so I decided to gift her as generously as possible.

I compiled a list of all the things that can be done to make this a 14th Feb a “Green” Valentine’s Day. Some of them are my own thoughts; some are results of my efforts on Google.

Usage of recycled paper:

a. As Notepads
We all use notepads for various purposes like keeping notes, listing out tasks for the day, rough work etc. I feel we should use Recycled paper here as the notepad will be used only by one person and so the quality of paper least matters, it will most probably be referred once it if full and then it will spent its life in the desk. By using recycled paper, we are saving virgin paper and thus tress. Secondly we are helping the Recycling Industry( I swear I don’t own one :)

b. In the secondary tray in printers
I feel we should have a tray in printer and Xerox/Copying machine of recycled paper. Employees taking printouts like tickets, phone bills, Xerox for credit card application etc can use the recycled paper instead of the virgin paper as the quality doesn’t really matter.

Clean clutter

a. Recycle old stationery
I have been recently moved a new place and on opening the drawer found a bunch of old papers. I believe most of us take print outs of MoM (minutes of meeting), extract of an article from a book, webpage mostly to understand the stuff better. But the printouts are not useful after certain time. We/Organizations should initiate a week long drive of say ‘Clean Drawer’ or something and ask people to dump the waste papers they have. I am sure we would be able to recycle a major bunch of paper.

b. I happened to relocate last year and while doing so ran a drive to remove all the clutter. To my surprise, I had materials like plastic and glass bottles, old utensils, some iron stuff,at least a bag full of old clothes etc.. one of the best ways of going green is I sold the old stuff at a recycling store and to my surprise the clutter was worth couple of thousands( to be precise 3k) and gave away the old clothes to this NGO.

c. Recycle e-Waste
Get all the electronic stuff which is not useful anymore and call the recycling guys. You might also make some money. Its always a better deal to make some money out of things which are lying useful and dumped in the backyard. Listed below are the links of some of the organizations involved in or/and aceepting recycling e-waste.

d. Recycle old phones
Recycle old phones, yes, everybody from India must have seen this ad featuring Shah Rukh Khan. It’s a Nokia initiative where you can give away any brand phone and Nokia will plant a tree for each phone donated.

Computer Usage

a. ShutDown
Most of the people, especially in IT companies have completely forgotten that there is an option of SHUTDOWN in their computer. The only option known is Clt+Alt+Del. The worst part is that bringing it to the notice to the defaulters mostly ends upon deaf ears or the advice ends up in a joke. In my previous organization, it was made mandatory by company to shut down the system while leaving, if somebody fails to do so, the security/maintenance people will shutdown the system at night. In case somebody had got some applications/programs running, they used to put a note on the comp.

b. Power Saving Mode
The other thing to do is to keep the system in Power saving mode such that the monitor (which consumes the maximum power) and CPU go in Standby mode if system is left untouched for Specific time. In my previous organization, what they did was that the power saving mode settings were pushed along with the other application updated on each and every computer and you know it works. For people who wants to learn how to enable Power saving setting, please check this link

I feel if we cannot mandate shutting down of computer, we can make the power saving mode to be default for sure.

c. Avoid screensavers
Yeah, I like those nice colourful fishes floating across my screen, the fancy Aquarium screen saver and many more of such kind. But it’s a sheer wastage of power. Want to know the technical facts…click here

d. Use Eco Font
The usage of this Eco font saves upto 20% ink. Quite an interesting stuff. I am sure we all can use this wherever applicable and save some money for ourselves.

Switch from Incandescent bulb to CFL.
Check this Greenpeace link for more details…

Mobile Usage
Many of us unconsciously forget to switch off our Mobile chargers. I found this article and it says, there is some electricity always wasted because of this act. I no longer keep my charger switched ON.

Stop Food wastage
Apart from the two issues of Electricity wastage, Paper wastage, there is one more issue which needs to be addressed and it’s “Food Wastage”.

The kind of food wastage happening is quite alarming. Office canteens are one of the common places where this virus has spread to a great extent. I try to stop people around me from wasting but it needs to be addressed on a larger scale. I don’t have any other immediate ideas to tackle this issue and inputs from you all are always welcome.

Stop Water Wastage
Guys, please while brushing teeth, shaving there’s no rule to keep the water tap running. I am sure there are many more activities where we keep the tap running though its not needed. I happen to come across a news paper article wherein a person was killed because of water. Check this blog of mine.

Plant tress wherever possible
People might say, I don’t have enough space around my house to plant trees. No problem, you could still contribute. Have balcony gardens, have plants near the stair case, near the window, literally anywhere and everywhere where you can have a plant and like to have a plant. To know more, follow the links…

For Some other tips of green living, visit this site

After I finished compiling the list, no this list is not finished, I expect many more ideas from you all. Anyways, after penning down these points, I felt what an heck!!!!…there’s nothing new in all this points. This is all I know. Isn’t that your reaction also?

Yeah actually, we just need to dust out the some of the fundamentals of life and being human.

By the way, gardening with one’s Valentine can also be quite romantic. Isn’t it?

Best regards of Valentines Day to you all...

Have a great time guys...

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

AIDS on roads here...

I travel by public transport to commute between my Home and Office and the journey takes around an hour. But somehow the journey is going on increasing day by day. I understand that the number of vehicles on roads are increasing rapidly but apart from this, there is one more reason, the increase of AIDS on roads. Oh..I didnt clarify...My AIDS stands for 


Yeah!!! these are the people who create a mess on the roads and cause traffic jams unnecessarily. I dont know whats going in their minds. Everybody seems to be in so much of hurrry these days. Cmon guys, the sky will not break loose if one is late by a few minutes and if somebody was so time conscious, why doesnot he/she leave early instead of breaking signals. In doing so, they are not going to save anytime but for sure will eat away a lot of others time and peace of mind.
Sadly, the number of AIDS is increasing at lightning speed and they are spreading in all cities of our country more rapidly then any other disease. Its like an Epidemic now on roads. And the only antidot which comes into my mind of Stopping this virus is very very simple. Its the very fundamental thing which we all learn since childhood. We just need to get back to our desk and dust out of the basics of roads and i.e

"Following Traffic signals and Respecting our fellow commuters"

I dont know why this AIDS is spreading and to understand it I plan to read this book.

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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What A R Rahman's music teach?

A. R RAHMAN has won 2 Oscars and now 2 Grammy awards and its for sure a proud moment for all Indians and even more for the Indian music Industry. Rahman has managed to force Western countries take a note of Indian Musicians through his soulful Music. "Jai Ho" is a global phoenomenon.
Undoubtedly "Jai Ho" was one of the finest compositions made by Rahman but he has delivered even better tunes in other Bollywood Movies like Taal, Rang De Basanti, Delhi-6, Roja, Bombay, Lagaan, Jodha-Akbar and many more. The list just goes on. In fact, in simple words, theres hardly been any album from Rahman which failed to strike a chord with the audience. I am sure you all will agree with me.

But he won the most prestigious awards for "Slumdog Millionaire" and not for one of the much better albums he has composed. One of the reasons is that it was made by a British director and thus caught the attention of Western world readily.
This post is not to discuss that. I want to get your attention towards other subtle but very prominent notes from Rahman's success tune. The accomplishement of Rahman has reinforced some of the fundas of success and I want to share them with you all.

The foremost being the concept of

 "Pursue excellence and Success will follow you".

This has been coined in the latest blockbuster movie "3-Idiots ". I feel Rahman's success story is the best examplce of this concept. As I mentioned earlier, Rahman has given many many folds more soothing,melodious and soulful music in other films but he bagged the awards for Slumdog Millionaire. The analogy is very clear, Rahman always believed in excellence and gave his best shot in all the movies and as we all know, he has tasted success and glory which very few Indian musicians have. I am sure we can learn something here...
Most of the times, we all divert so much of our potential in being successful instead of giving our best short to the work at hand, that we end up being nowhere. If Rahman would have invested his energies in targeting to win awards, I am sure he would have never achieved them. Instead he invested all his energies in what he is best at, Music and we all know the result.

The second thing I learned from Rahmans success story is that

"Let the work do the talking"

Looking around us, we are all always being targeted by some or other gimmick of Marketing. You have tele-marketing selling right from Credit cards to renting Cabs, Distance education courses to Play group admissions. Movie stars visiting Reality shows on TV to promote their films right before the release. Advertisement in Public transport, shopping malls, Internet, Radio, rear side of Train,bus tickets. I mean you think of a place an you will find some kind of ad their. Most of the time, the marketing people have forgot that at any point of time "Content is the King". I dont remember Rahman getting involved in any of the typical marketing. If people know Rahman, its because of his work,his much and thats it. I dont say, marketing is not needed. But excess of it does more harm than good if the product being marketed is mediocre.

Jai ho...Rahman...Jai ho...
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