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The Curious case of 3Cs

    In my earlier post “HAVE YOU MADE TO SHOUT WOW”, I have talked about correlating compensation to something I term as "WoW" factor. This post is to dive deeper and unravel the curious case of this wow factor, to understand the drivers, to identify the triggers that make people to shout wow. There are many people, many organizations out there doing what you are involved in. So what is the differentiating factor that ensures that your work, your services,your products hits the right chords with the customers. What is/are the things or drivers which force customers, people to say "WoW". I feel there are 3 things and I call them the 3C's.

    The 3C's are Commitment, Consistency and Care

    I am sure most of you have started to correlate these virtues to success. Would you mind still reading the post and let me know if I have made you all to say "WoW".

    When I say Commitment, its not only about timelines. I refer to commitment in everything. You have to stick to the commitments you make to the customer, you make to the people around you and most importantly to your selves. Commitment is the foundation for trust and trust is the foundation of a lasting relationship. Sticking to commitments makes one reliable, makes one trustworthy and all of us like to be associated with such people, with such organizations.


    The next is Consistency. Now that you have laid the foundation for a lasting relationship, the foundation needs regular maintenance so that it remains intact. This maintenance is nothing but consistency. Consistency in delivering what you have committed. Consistency in adding value to customers. Consistency in adding value to whatever you do. Consistency in being innovative. Consistency in providing great customer service. In short, as I mentioned earlier. Be consistent in whatever is committed.


    The third and the most important aspect is Care.


    When I say care, I mean about being sensitive to customers needs, to be caring to their requirements. Its all about putting your leg in customers shoes and ensuring that the shoes fit well and doesn’t bite. In fact, if you are sensitive, you will always find opportunities to improve and to be innovative. Thus reinforcing the commitment to deliver value consistently. The commitment and consistency are no useful if not matched with equal and more intense care and sensitivity.

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