Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go Green@CleanClutter

The temperatures in India are really bad this year. My home town is experiencing temperatures of around 46°C on an average. I personally feel Global warming has started affecting the common man now. Its no longer a research project where scientists go and observes glaciers thickness and say the world's temperature is increasing. I thought is there something which I can do to decrease my carbon footprint? I researched a bit on the net, used my own thoughts and have come up with a series of actions which do not require much of a investment and are in fact at times monetarily rewarding.I will be posting them here on my blog in the form of a series.

To start with, l am posting the very basic set of activities which we can do and contribute our bit in helping the earth survive. I call it Clean Clutter Drive.
Clean Clutter Drive
a. Recycle old stationery
I have been recently moved a new place and on opening the drawer found a bunch of old papers. I believe most of us take print outs of MoM (minutes of meeting), extract of an article from a book, web page mostly to understand the stuff better. But the printouts are not useful after certain time. We/Organizations should initiate a week long drive of say ‘Clean Drawer’ or something and ask people to dump the waste papers they have. I am sure we would be able to recycle a major bunch of paper.

b. Recycle old stuff
I happened to relocate last year and while doing so ran a drive to remove all the clutter. To my surprise, I had materials like plastic and glass bottles, old utensils, some iron stuff,at least a bag full of old clothes etc.. one of the best ways of going green is I sold the old stuff at a recycling store and to my surprise the clutter was worth couple of thousands( to be precise 3k) and gave away the old clothes to this NGO.

c. Recycle e-Waste
Get all the electronic stuff which is not useful anymore and call the recycling guys. You might also make some money. Its always a better deal to make some money out of things which are lying useful and dumped in the backyard. Listed below are the links of some of the organizations involved in or/and aceepting recycling e-waste.

d. Recycle old phones
Recycle old phones, yes, everybody from India must have seen this ad featuring Shah Rukh Khan. It’s a Nokia initiative where you can give away any brand phone and Nokia will plant a tree for each phone donated.
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  2. we must to clean clutter from our home, from our office and also from our mind we will ever do is for our mind n never think negative and hate greed and love green and clean clutter.....


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