Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fragile: Handle with care

I always believed that I am in total control of my life. I plan and decide what has to happen and when it has to happen. If anybody tried to mess around with my plan, I would get irritated, have heated arguments and end up hurting the other guy and myself. But I was forced to rethink, reconsider the way I treated my life, people around me. Sometime last week, we received an internal communication in my office about death of one of our colleagues. The thing which jolted me was the way he died.
He was out of India serving his project commitments and died in sleep. I thought life was so fragile, so delicate. An incident of split second could change the way you think, the way you live, the lives of people dependent on you. This colleague of mine was in his mid 40s. He must have had plans for himself, his family, his children, aspirations to be successful and many more. His family must have banked on him and have had certain dreams. All those dreams, plans, aspirations changed in seconds. Think of the people who were killed and injured in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. People who were killed, made handicap for rest of their life at CST station must have come there with a reason. Somebody was travelling for Marriage, somebody might be travelling for a new job, see ailing parents, for a vacation etc. Everything is blown away in a split second. A bullet changed everything for them, for their families for a lifetime. As I said, these incidents show that, we are in control of our lives only to a limited extent. No, I don't mean to say don't plan, don't have aspirations, dreams. I am not even trying to preach to leave everything to God or Luck or Nature or Whatever you call it.
The point I am trying to make is to take out time to audit, check and reconsider the way we live, the way we treat people around us, the way we conduct ourselves in professional and personal lives. Whatever we do is someway or other our effort to convert our dreams, plan into reality. But isn't it what we are supposed to do. Of course Yes, but the things is in your effort have you stopped enjoying life, have you got so busy with you work that you don't have time for your family, parents and friends, have you become a victim of MoneyMania and stopped caring, respecting people who are not as successful as you are, who are not as rich as you are. If the answer if yes, then you need to read the post again, understand that life is very fragile, very delicate, very much like a bubble. Try to make the bubble as big as possible, as colorful as possible, but while doing so and before it bursts, make sure to enjoy its making, make sure to thank, respect the people who contributed in your Bubble Operation, help somebody else also to get his bubble making technique right.

All n All, Life is very fragile so Handle it with care.
siddharth joshi A thinking soul

Writing to clear my mind...

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