Sunday, June 28, 2009

Indian tradition and culture

I come from a family where tradition and culture are followed without questions. Yet I dared to question them and many a times was written off by grandmother saying I was atheist. But it was my inclination towards technical and logical reasoning for everything and that's why i enrolled for engineering. To get the answers for my queries and to check the authenticity of what my parents taught me to believe and follow blindly, I started reading. And I was surprised to find out that many of the things which my family was following blindly actually have scientific reason. For example, most of us must have been gone through session of 'LORI' before going to sleep in our childhood. I head read some time back that a session of soft Indian classical music indeed does wonders on the development of brain in children. This was tested on a group of Mentally retarted children in UK. In other instance, my mother would always suggest me to drink water kept for overnight in Copper vessel. The reason given was that I will become like Copper. That never was digested by me. So I search and found that Copper actually has anti bacterial properties and water stored in Copper vessel helps in preventing quite a few diseases. Google for 'water in cooper vessel' and you will find what I mean. I lived like 1000km away from home town, still if anybody expires in my home town, my grandmother would ask everybody of us to have a bath even if we just come out of bathroom. I used to get irritated but now when I come home tired and stressed, a shower gives the ultimate relaxation. I feel the ritual of bathing was made to minimize of for sometime make you aloof of the mental trauma caused due to loss of loved ones. There are many such instances wherein I have realised that there are many things which we write off considering superstitions but probably we are still not capable of understanding the intellectual levels and scientific understanding of our forefathers who set out rules of living. I no way want to superstitions, I am strongly against rituals like Sacrifice, Cast diferences in temples but feel there are many other things which we are missing and hence having not so fulfilled life.
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